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We don't often link to birdsite, as truth be told we have no account and only occasionally is our attention drawn that way in any meaningful/useful way.
But this thread from WhatTheTrans on UK trans stuff is a good rant that fits into the constraints of that medium.

Below is the content as a series of toots so you do not have to visit :birdsite: , use nitter, or go off this platform.
🤞Fedilab splits/links this OK.

----tweet contents below here----

Cis people say that the trans stuff is confusing.
Here is a thread of simple explanations of trans issues

1. What is being trans?
Male gender identity and born with a dick = Not trans
Female gender identity and born with a vagina = No trans
Any other - 1/7

Here's a thread of polls on abortion; everyone of any gender should be able to participate.

Boosts are encouraged and appreciated, to get the polls out and circulating outside of our usual nonbinary bubble.

If you identify as more than one, e.g. nonbinary man, genderfluid cis man/trans woman, vote in as many polls as you feel apply.

This is the section of a single blade of grass observed under a microscope. the smiling faces are the channels through which the water is sucked.

Petition to update 'name and shame' to 'write and shite'

Boosts welcome 😀

Four thoughts for those of use who still wade through birdsite looking for allies and insights:

1) If you find something good there and want to bring it here, clean the links. Get the actual link, rather than the; remove the tracking tags. Your parents taught you this-- clean the s**t off your shoes when you come inside.

2) The community there is much more diverse. I have to read birdsite to talk with other Black, Asian, halfie, Latinx, or Indigenous voices. Yes, some community is growing here but it is way too White and techbro. Sorry, but if this place is about making the world better, we have to call out structural violence and dismantle it. That means giving away the tools and the control.

3) We need a way to invite good folk from there to come here and guarantee them *safe spaces under their control*.

4) That means recruiting and training more sysadmins, and making the process of starting, growing, and moderating an instance for --e.g., an Asian Indigenous community, or an urban housing block in Brazil -- much easier. People with the right skills need to organize and reach out!

twitter thread, EHRC ableism, tory ableism, long covid denialism, terf / transphobia mention 

Soon after releasing legally inadmissible, non-binding "advice" on excluding trans people from sex-segregated spaces, EHRC has now released advice that Long Covid "is not a disability" (this contradicts the Equality Act 2010, which EHRC is supposed to uphold). This thread is good on EHRC's motivations and alignment (basically the tories installed stooges a couple of years ago)

Ah yes.

"What did you do in the trans wars?"


UK papers, broadsheets claiming to be the better of them 🙄, are just full of bullshit emotional hyperbole.

That said, if Telegraph readers (and we know some 😬) want to define terms of engagement, :darkSigil: says she will happily do so :transknife:

Autistic people tend to have trouble with social hierarchies & authoritarianism because it doesn't make sense to us. I have trouble understanding how to be one version of myself at a job interview vs another with a friend. I don't understand code switching because I have trouble understanding what I should be switching to. This comes naturally to other folks. I think a disproportionate number of autistic people (& marginalized people in general) are anarchists because of the egalitarianism.

tech advice sought, gnome Linux, long, mundane 

One of the great frictions of my work day is switching to HSP (headset profile) instead of A2DP every time I switch on my Bluetooth headset. If I don't do it I end up unable to speak in a meeting because there's no mic.

I have to go into Gnome Settings and select HSP for the profile before starting meeting-app-of-the-day (I use a few).

Is there a good way to either get it to default to last-used-profile or at least to change the default?

For no other reason than they caught our eye earlier...

Marsh Marigold.

(And yes, as is a theme with us, parts *are* edible when prepared suitably 😆)

I love being alterhuman. I love being nonhuman I love being otherhearted I love those little moments when I remember I don't have to pretend to be human any more I love the closeness I feel with my hearttype I love the feeling of recognition when I talk to other alterhumans I love flags and symbols and community I love getting to understand myself more

Help our indecision

Which colour scheme for the shirt above.

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