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#OtD 2 Jan 2020 El Vaquita, a street dog who'd joined protestors in confrontations with the police, wouldn't allow himself to be adopted, even though he'd been shot. So, the people of Antofagasta, Chile, staged a fake protest to lead the dog to the vet.

Christmas tree chopped up.
Branches and needles dry in the greenhouse for fire starting, trunk in the next years kindling stack.

Decorations all down and boxed, boxes in the roof again.

Nice to de-clutter and get the space and normality back again.

Possibly the earliest we have managed this to date, but all in house happy with it 👍

Internetfundstück (Twitter):

Aaron Taylor @Tippen22

Starlink works great until the cats find out that the dish gives off a little heat on cold days.

Breezy, but very bright and mild. 13°C on our walk 😯

Lovely to have the sun streaming through the trees 💚

Sure Loki.
We are taking the collar seriously.
We are *not* grinning at you.
It is a fine and dignified piece of attire and you look most sombre in it...

We don't hold much with the concept of linear or measured time.

As it is the marking of such things for many about now, can we just say.

Make the new year one of embracing your quirks, strangeness, oddities, curiosity...

We came to the fediverse to converse with witches, got handed a pineapple and told to AWOO.

We stayed for the artists, the furries, gardeners, makers, clowns, fashionistas, anarchists, polycules, the beautifully diverse.

So, keep doing whatever is your normal, and other people's weird.
Know it is appreciated and loved. :_gaysparkle: :autism: :blobcatheart:

(And as we have been doing family challenges this evening, have a couple of pics of our normal 😆)

Covid19 vaccine availability 

Patent-free vaccine released to the world--interesting how mainstream media didn't cover this.

Because sometimes the only way to get a daft hyperactive cat to stop tearing around pouncing on everyone and everything is to build them a pillow fort.

(Video courtesy of youngest child, cat tamer and builder of forts)

According to the Fortune Telling Fish ™️ we are "In love" 😆

It's a high quality predictive tool obviously, as it's not wrong 😝

Was a bit of an all white day...
White ground, white sky.
Very little contrast as can be seen by the selfie.
Navigation by contour, ground feel, and animal tracks 🐾 🐾 🐾
(Selfie has eye contact so blurred)

Tiny window on the descent where we got a couple of photos between the cloud layers.

All nice and quiet apart from the sound of snow underfoot 👍

Is it Christmas day yet?

Can I open this now???

But it is **mine**!

(He can probably smell the food inside 😺)


Girls decorated the Christmas cake.
The theme was the cats causing food mischief.
Loki so fat from munching candy cane he is flat on his back nursing his bloated tummy.
Laurits with a wrapping bow stuck on his head after playing with the ribbon, spread eagled on his rug.


Made gingerbread cakes.
Chocolate muffins, Ginger, cinnamon and orange cream. Gingerbread people in the cream.
Guess which one was part of the ones we decorated. 😉

Ah, the joys of being plural and operating on discrete memory 😀

Got back from running an errand to be greeted by a big dramatic "I love you!" from one of the girls.

Thinks: Oh no, what have we done now...

Apparently, we need not have made marzipan. We had bought some yesterday and put it in a cupboard.

I had been into a supermarket the day before and it was out of stock. Assumed we needed to make it, and just gone with it. One of us forgot to leave it where we would see it 🤦‍♀️

Really, most of the time, our coping mechanism for memory gaps is pretty good. Enough, to fool most people that know us.
But every now and then it bites us on the ass 🤣

She told us, it's all good as long as we don't forget buying big stuff like cars 😝

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