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Are there any good sources of english-language scifi/fantasy audiobooks that isn't audible?

A low subscription fee would be acceptable.


PSA (transphobia meta), please boost 

for the past ~4 days there's been lots of mass harassment of trans people

if you're an instance admin:
- please turn off sign ups, at least until this is over
- keep up with #fediblock

if you're on the list, or just worried:
- lock your account
- in web mastodon:
- preferences -> appearance -> always hide media
- preferences -> notifications -> block DMs from people you don't follow
- in tusky:
- account prefs -> download media previews -> off

Youngest child came home from school with plants that she had been using in Biology class.
This one's an Aloe Vera she said.
What's the other we asked.
Sandra she replied.

(It's a geranium, but we prefer it's chosen name of Sandra πŸ˜†)

Terrible impact of ableism - it literally kills people 

Note: the story is quite upsetting, but I hope abled people will read it.

Via on birdsite

β€œEngracia Figueroa, a fierce advocate for people with disabilities, passed away on Sunday due to complications from injuries she sustained when United Airlines destroyed her custom wheelchair last July.”

"United broke Engracia’s wheelchair and refused to replace it. The loaner chair the airlines provided to Engracia did not support her properly. Her skin broke down, became infected, and she died."

Original article

Also, apparently airlines damage or destroy 29 wheelchairs A DAY. Wheelchairs are part of peoples bodies FFS.

#Ableism #Disability

Optimistically sharpened the ice axe 🀣

Needed re-working before the new season. But probably be a while before it gets any real use, and will mostly just be going for a ride on our back in the meantime.

However, we are servicing our ride in bike, and preparing to go snow hunting next week.

We have seen decent accumulations on some of the more northern corries, so if the weather holds, we will see if we can get up onto some good white stuff. πŸ‘

Hello hello!

To inspire you today, I got this photo of a tiny #mushroom that wouldn't let some ice and snow stop it from growing. πŸ’ͺ

Well, mushrooms are not the traditional spirit...animals doesn't fit, so let's call it livings. But nevertheless, this one stood out for me.

#photography #EyesOnNature #macro

There is snow up on the tops, in varying amounts.

Ptarmigan and hare are changing their colours to match.

Was properly chilly yesterday once into cloud and with strong winds. Time to switch to more winter based kit.

Not great photography weather, as keeping water off the lens for anything other than a quick close up was a impossible as you may be able to tell πŸ˜†


May need to consider that shorts may no longer be suitable for early morning training.

Waiting between sets is a bit nippy now πŸ₯ΆπŸ€£

What's your primary OS?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

Well, this is the reddest waxcap we have come across.

There was a patch of a few, two or three were in their prime like this.

(Fairly sure this is a Vermillion Waxcap )

The dehydrator just finished.
Grind and weigh brought in enough to bring this season's total harvest of medicinal fungi to just over a years supply.
Or enough to get through until they fruit again. πŸ„πŸ’šπŸ„

Truth be told, last year was *so* prolific, we could have probably picked nothing this year and still be fine.
That said, it's reassuring knowing we are self sufficient. πŸ‘

Still might grow some more exotic strains over the summer, as it's an absorbing and rewarding challenge. Much more so, when the outcome is not something you are depending on πŸ˜†

Need some atmospheric music as the dark sets in?
May we offer one of our favourite Current 93 tracks...

Current 93 - I Have A Special Plan For This World (limited edition 2000)

The lyrics are taken from a poem of the same name by the author Thomas Ligotti and spoken by David Tibet.

The chicken nuggets were shocked when they found out what they were destined for...


Had to look this one up (we often do, as the variety of interesting fungi is vast around here), just got around to identifying it from the other day.

It was an impressive size, even in comparison to the old oak tree from whose base it was fruiting.

Weeping polypore. Hence the seeping sap like liquid. Very easy to spot in person, less so on phone camera photographs.

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