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Oooh. This is nicely made.

Worth the extra few pounds (not a lot £35 all in), and from someone that mostly sells Jujitsu grappling dummies, well they know how to take some usage 🀣

Our wife will be hating us, but not the equipment πŸ˜†

She needs some specific strength training now the physio & scans show what we need to target to help repair her back/core.

She has a weak wrist from a prior injury, so loading her squats with a soft weight across her shoulders be easier when targeting her legs.

You cannot go and wake the youngest child for school.
What will I lean against while you go?

Do you guys have any good reference about programming on Unix?
system calls, process control, IPC and all that?

I know Advanced Linux Programming, which is ok. Something on that line but maybe a little bit deeper or with a different approach. Ideas?

One of these.

The turn and lift is pretty impressive.

On a street, he got in and lifted it up so that we could get a flatbed reverse under the car while he dangled it on the forks πŸ˜€

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Well we provided entertainment for the street for a while.

Removing an old vehicle off the drive, and it was not playing ball. Rear wheels locked.
Sledgehammer freed the fronts.

Dragged it around with the truck to see if we could move them.
Guys got a local farmer to lift it onto the truck with a tractor.

Only by now we had it on the street, lined up with the truck, and 90Β° to where the tractor needed it to be πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

Off he goes, and back with a loader than can pivot in the middle, lift & on πŸ‘

On a positive note, the lid was on....

So we haven't just drawn all over a silver tablet in black Sharpie πŸ˜†

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Wait what?

Something killed the graphics tablet :ohno:

<Looks down to check USB cable>

<Notices that it's a Sharpie we are holding and not a stylus>

Levels of daftness here at πŸ’― %


RT @wordklauberei
Die Bangkok Post hat einfach die schΓΆnste Brexit Karikatur ΓΌberhaupt gehabt

Facebook seems to be having a weird DNS day right now. Reports that their whole domain has been stolen?

If they'd put DNS on the blockchain, this would

... be hilarious.

A JOY FROM BIRBSITE. Someone commissioned an artist named Clayton Cross to carve him a Columbo "just one more thing" statue!

Really poor sleep the last few nights.

It's a function of us that we do not *really* sleep, but sometimes are better/worse than others.

So we napped on the hill.
View from our spot for catching an hours rest below.

Thoroughly recommend sleeping outdoors from time to time. Tent, hammock, bivvy, or just a bed of heather or grass. Either way, it's a different quality that most of us miss these days.

Spotted a cool growth on a dead pine on the way back. Really nice colours.

I haven't done much walking lately so it was nice to have a stroll up to my happy place today 😊. And despite the forecast the weather was perfect.

I created some seed packets for a friend.

I hope she likes them!

β€žItβ€˜s so fluffy Iβ€˜m gonna die!β€œ

(Bestimmung in der Bildbeschreibung)

On our walk this morning, someone has been hanging wooden tags with environmental messages.

A good sentiment, but given that the MP mentioned is a Jacob Rees-Mogg wannabe, we doubt he pays any attention to anybody that cannot line his pockets or invite him to a sporting estate 😬

Voting someone in that cares would be a better alternative.

The other messages, are at least going to help πŸ˜€

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