Got to love this.

Types fast, might take a nap. Yup, that's the horse for us 😂

OutHorse Your Email

Disconnect from work and let the horses of Iceland reply to your emails while you are on vacation. (Seriously)

Get to coffee and a pause.
Find there is a greenfly in it...

Is this now a meal?
Can we skip cooking later? 😆

A few from today.
(Blurred as one is a snake)

Topped out in a vest again today, despite throwing a much lighter shirt over it than last week. 😆
Though the sky then shortly turned black and threw first hail and then rain at us for the rest of our wander.

Well, at least one or two of the sprouts do look like they may have come from catnip seeds :blobcheerbounce:

Used soil from the garden, so weeding out obvious imposters as various things come up in the tray 🌱

Speckled wood butterfly posed for us earlier 💚

Plenty of other types out, orange tips, small whites etc... But they were all busy flitting about 😀

Food, home cooking 

Home made pizza for the girls.
Making both base and sauce from scratch does take quite some time, even just fitting it around other tasks.

That said, it's good food that we can guarantee they will wolf down, unlike shop bought. 👍 Makes it worth the effort.

Always end up with left over bread dough. So often make a roll or something.
They also adore bread sticks.

Which we always forget how many you can make from such a small amount of dough 😂 (with added grated cheese)
Good to eat, rolling them out gets a bit tedious after a while. This was just the first batch 😮

Got out yesterday.
Despite the characterisation of Scotland being cold and wet, we had shed our shirt and were down to just a vest top early on.
In the photo we had barely begun ascending proper 😀

Topped out and had a chat with a visitor about routes. Gave them some options, but they were a little unclear of where they had come from, or where they wanted to go 🤷‍♀️
Hopefully they just retraced their steps.

Top tip at least get the name of where you parked your car straight. The difference between Glen Shee and Glen Muick is a reasonable walk 😮

Crossing the tops in cloud and wind, we met three folks walking towards us in full trousers, waterproof jackets, hoods up. The front one had scarf covering 🤣 mouth and nose too.

There was a mutual silent WTF as we passed

Eye contact in selfie

Wonder why Loki has switched boxes?
Radiator underneath is off.

The sparrows are back.
Cat TV is on 🐱

(Must get a new bracket for the bird table, storms this winter killed it.)

Mocked up our future tattoos in henna.
Pretty happy with the way they will work.
Positionally they work for what we need them to. Though, the left needs to move up a little to be the same top position. Not that you'd notice unless we place our wrists/arms together.

Third and last, in the set, as they are complimentary/shoaling will go on the nape of our neck. That one can wait though, and will be smaller, more delicate.
In that way, getting that right will be easier.

This house is often a mess.
It's full of weird half finished projects, murals incomplete, legos everywhere etc...

However, it does mean things appear as they evolve.
Found that our family picture had been remade, a new painting was hung in the hall and the sun room was growing mushrooms this week.

It can be chaos, and everyone here gets exhausted at one point or another.

But somehow, good stuff keeps sprouting up, emerging through that.

Carder bee playing camera shy in the moss.

Now is the time of the graceful arc of the uncurling fern.

Washing the spiders out of our hair
Washing the spiders out of our hair
Today we will be clean for we are
Washing the spiders out of our hair

What is the in our hair, got knotted overnight.
Drag our fingers through.
Oh, it's a dead spider...
Wonder if it was nesting?

(Honestly, we do wash our hair every other day. Otherwise, we probably would be host to who knows what 😜)

This we liked....
Then we saw the price 😮
£65,000 + Tax + Registration !!!

As much as diesel has gone up, we could get a good second hand truck and have £50k to spend on fuel.

Yes, we love the idea. But it's just prohibitively expensive. 🤷‍♀️


Munro® - Electric 4x4 Vehicles | EV manufacturer based in the UK

Introducing the Munro® Mark 1: the all new 4x4 EV made for work and adventure. Designed and built in the UK by All Terrain All Electric Ltd. A great alternative to converting an existing vehicle.

Apparently our front facing camera is broken.
Barely ever use it, so probably been like that for ages.

So here is a terrible mirror selfie with wet unbrushed hair to show off the new shirt 😂

Ah yes.

"What did you do in the trans wars?"


UK papers, broadsheets claiming to be the better of them 🙄, are just full of bullshit emotional hyperbole.

That said, if Telegraph readers (and we know some 😬) want to define terms of engagement, :darkSigil: says she will happily do so :transknife:

For no other reason than they caught our eye earlier...

Marsh Marigold.

(And yes, as is a theme with us, parts *are* edible when prepared suitably 😆)

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