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But this thread from WhatTheTrans on UK trans stuff is a good rant that fits into the constraints of that medium.

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Cis people say that the trans stuff is confusing.
Here is a thread of simple explanations of trans issues

1. What is being trans?
Male gender identity and born with a dick = Not trans
Female gender identity and born with a vagina = No trans
Any other - 1/7

variation = trans

2. What does cisgender mean?
It means not being trans.
That’s it. Sometimes it is referred to as ‘cis’ for short.

3. What is being non-binary?
It means being neither a man or a woman.
It does not mean, for example, a man who likes wearing dresses on the weekend or a woman who has short hair.
It means being neither a man or a woman.
That’s it.

4. What is and isn’t transphobic?
What is transphobic:
Arguing, for any reason, that trans peoples presence in any space or context is harmful.
Not seeing a trans person’s identity as equal to cisgender person’s identity.
That’s…basically it.

What is not transphobic:
Literally everything else.

5. What can I do to be a better ally?
Stop thinking about it in terms of you scoring enough points to gain some - 2/7


title that doesn’t really mean anything.
Just don’t be a dick and show up to our protests and maybe tell your friends about the crap we get. That’s enough.

6. What if I have concerns about trans issues?
Shut the fuck up and read number 4 from this list again.

7. What about trans kids?
See number 4 AND number 6 from this list again.

8. What about free speech? Surely we should be able to discuss my concerns?
The UK has been ‘discussing’ your ‘concerns’ for 6 years. They are all bollocks.
But as a result there are now thousands of people who incorrectly believe that trans peoples presence is a problem
According to a report from the UK’s independent press regulator the number of media reports about trans issues increased 400% between 2015-2020 (the majority presented - 3/7

trans people’s presence as a problem)
Over that same period, transphobic hate crime reports increased 332%
So shut the fuck up. We aren’t a problem.
Stop acting like we are.

9. What should I do if my child comes out as trans?
Listen to them and believe them.
Ask them what their needs are and try to accommodate them.
That’s…basically it.

10. But what if I don't want them to be trans?
Well, tough shit, you have a trans kid.
If you try to stop them being trans, you risk doing tremendous damage and at the very least, you risk them never talking to you ever again.
So…get over your shit.

11. What about sports?
See points 4 and 6 again.

12. Is there anything else I should - 4/7

Well, not really. This is basically the whole thing and it really isn’t difficult to get your head around this crap. Anyone who argues these issues are complex is lying, probably to give cover to anti trans bastards.

13. Is JK Rowling a transphobe? She sounds so reasonable.
Everything JK Rowling has ever said about trans anything is transphobic because everything she has said ever is portraying the presence/concept of trans people as a problem (see point 4 on this list)

14. What about Graham Linehan?
He literally argues that trans people are dangerous to children.
Guess which point I am going to refer you to from this list?

15. Is this a right vs left thing?
Being trans is not political. Anyone can be trans. The UK’s first trans MEP represented UKIP.
Some - 5/7

trans people are right wing and some are left wing and some are FUCKING BELLENDS just like with cis people.

16. But most trans people are left wing!
Well, if a group of people are discriminated against and oppressed by society is it any wonder that they will be attracted to political ideas based on reforming and opposing the discriminatory/oppressive society?

17. So how should I talk to trans people?
The same way you would talk to anyone else.

18. How should I treat trans employees?
The same way you would treat any other employee (but maybe sort out a gender neutral changing area/toilet)

And pay all your staff more, trans and cis.
That’s it. And most of it was repeating the same stuff.

Just…get it together cis people. You act like this is a great big mystery and it - 6/7

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