2 hours to go...

Will someone outbid us on a cheap pair of second hand snowshoes?

If we get them, we predict a really mild rest of the season 🤣🤣🤣

It would be a nice option to add to the kit though. Wading can get very tiring in deep snow.

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@coth we have some, but hardly use them, because it is quite steep here.

wish you good luck, they are great for terrain with lots of snow where you don't have to climb too much. they're good for descending, tough.

Yes, they have a limited use case.
But there are times where them or skis would be very useful.
We never learned how to ski, as it was a rich/travel pursuit where we used to live.
Still winning with 30 minutes to go 😀

Ah, got sniped.
Never mind. A budget and maximum bid is there for a reason 😀

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