Well that's another module done.
Knocking off bits for the studying needed to take the Amateur Radio Foundation Licence.

Stealing 15-30 minutes here and there to to each module.

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@coth There does seem to be surprisingly strong representation of amateur radio on Masto. ^_^

(Got my ticket a while back, though only a Baofeng on the kit front for now)

It does seem that way. 😀
Got our eye on the Baofeng UV-9R Plus for hill use.

@coth They're not bad little handies! The UI's awful, though - Baofeng's range is meant for PMR and such, so some central dept squirts the channels into them and that's that. But, given you'll generally only want to set up some repeaters and such once, that's not a big matter - and they're /way/ cheaper than anything Icom, Yaesu, et al offer.

That matches what we have read.
Figuring that for such a low price, they can be a good easily worth the fiddling around with. Later if we get more into stuff, we will have also increased our knowledge and be better placed to invest more wisely if we decide to spend more 👍

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