Second aborted hill trip in a few days.
Settling for training on the outdoor gym after a run.

Last week we had to be on call while driving and make the call approaching a junction to go east or west. Not knowing if turning up for her was needed or not. (It was)

Rescue run last night to go get our eldest.
Was *massive* progress. She actually texted asking for help in time. Got her here and in one piece.
She is mentally very fragile, but we can all at least provide a buffer with some life stuff while she gathers herself again.

Whilst this instability is terrible when we are autistic and otherwise neurodivergent, her actually reaching out makes it so much easier πŸ‘

We were still up at 3am helping her as she was a little disoriented, but what is sleep anyway? πŸ˜† :autism:

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