A few from today.

4 days ago, there was no snow up there to speak of.
Change of conditions and we are getting a reasonable dusting up top.

Even lower hills were white capped on the way in. Expect this to still be very changeable going forwards for a while, but we may get a decent dump if the wind holds for a few days.

We adore the sensory crunch of fresh snow underfoot.
It's fabulous.
We will hike and climb a fair old distance to go hunting for it when it starts to appear πŸ˜†

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This was Loch Etachachan from a similar point last Thursday (4 days ago) for comparison πŸ˜€

@coth Beautiful area, I've been there a few times for camping and hiking.

@coth Snow! Wish I was there, or somewhere similar. Thanks for the pics!

@coth Oh, *niiiice*. ^_^ Do you see mountain hares at all?

Got their white on now, much like the ptarmigan who are also on the turn.
None for photographs today, but their trails were all too apparent in the snow as they marked routes to be shared.

@coth 😍 I've still not even seen a brown hare! Mountains in their winter coloring.. ahh, someday!

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