We suffer from migraines.
Specifically, we get visuals, less the headache most people associate with migraine.

Indeed for years, we never new to describe these as related to migraine 🤷‍♀️

Twice in the last two weeks grrr...
It's totally stress related, so absolutely nothing we can do. There's no way of exerting any control over those external stressors at the moment, so guess we just have to wait until it all goes away 🤷‍♀️

Frustrating though.
We can do with impaired eyesight for many things, hell we climbed on ice through an episode.

However, it does make us nervous about driving commitments, which we are locked into, as that during an episode is not something you can just fall onto other senses for.

Luckily, the two things have not clashed, but it's a worry. 😬


Which of course is a stress contributor, and therefore increases the likelihood.
But what can you do... :blobcat_googly:

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