New shoes arrived :blobcheerbounce:

Subtle they are not.
There is *extremely* little choice in the UK unless you want to play the Brexit Tax roulette and import stuff.
It was these or a pair of Inov8 Orocs in our size, that's all that was available in the UK.

So we'll just have to live with the colours. 😜

However, we ripped pins and uppers on our previous spiked shoes. They served well, but are consumables, as they will only take so much abuse before starting to fall apart.

Winter ready now though.

Might not look like much, but 18 well placed hardened pins make icy conditions very manageable πŸ˜€

These plus an axe and poles will take us across places where people often reach for crampons.

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@coth Hoo! Definitely want to leave those by the welcome mat in a pub. =:)

*Love* the color, needless to say. ^_^

@coth they look very flash! I hope they feel excellent under foot!

Need some proper weather to test them out, but we have used the brand before, so we expect them to be as good as before πŸ˜€

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