Dumb toolchain/workflow mistakes are us πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

Writing up something we have been mulling for some time. Life, and it's travails have put writing on hold for a bit, so it's good to get back to processing.

Added the odd bit to existing posts, then started on the current piece.

Neurodivergence & Shamanic Relation.*

Workflow is to write in markdown, inside a syncthing location so it can be on any device.
This is then rsynced with the location for Hugo to generate static web pages. Checked on a local server, then synced onto the domain.

No preview appeared.

Foolish body here typoed the timestamp into the *future* :blobfacepalm:
A time in the past & it is there πŸ‘

*(There's a piece on our different system members relationship to magic and spirituality brewing too, ritual vs instinctive.)

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