New tyres on the truck :blobcheer:

There was tread on the old ones, but the rubber had "gone off" due to age, which meant wet tarmac at times was *fun*.

Offroad tyres on tarmac, in wet, in 2wd and unladen, well a heavy foot will always spin those up.
However, we were finding it increasingly losing grip on low speed roundabouts and the like. Front and rear.

As fun as it is to drift a vehicle in the appropriate environment, built up areas and with other vehicles about is not one of those :blobcat_googly:

Also, it's was *unpredictable* and that is a real negative.

So hopefully, this upcoming weather will be a bit better now we have rubber that isn't 6 years old. 😀


Tyres are the one area we do not skimp on.

4 wheels or two.

All the fancy electronics, driver skill, whatever, are worthless if the contact patch with the ground is not grippy.

Stopping, and going around corners is important 🤣

Plus, predictability. Knowing where the limits of that grip are and when it will let go, and how abruptly it will do so.

Old or cheap tyres can make that a real lottery 😮

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@coth Yep. Some things you do /not/ economise on, just as not using a bargain store charger on an flagship phone.

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