Suicide, MH, services 

Well this is the third time in recent months we are away to the hospital after our eldest took an overdose.

This time she is in intensive care, sedated after seizures while in.

CAMHS only just replied with basically a fob off to our complaint the other day. Shortly afterwards, she is back in hospital.

Some of these services are just an absolute joke.

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Suicide, MH, services 

TY for kind words all.

She is intubated and going to be kept sedated overnight. So no immediate concerns, risks. The effects longer term we will not know until they bring her back around.

The battle to make sure they do not just leave her with inappropriate support again begins tomorrow 🤦‍♀️

This is her 3rd attempt this year, and each time they get more serious.

A 4th and she probably will succeed. Yet CAMHS et al have not reacted at all 😬

Suicide, MH, services 

She started with CAMHS with panic attacks and social anxiety as the manifestation of her MH state.

Since being with them, she has had several incidents of self harm, started using drink/drugs to cope, gained weight and struggled with physical load, been hospitalised now 3 times for overdoses using multiple combinations of drink/drugs.

Yet the system, seems happy to just keep plodding along with their same treatment.

Which is patently *not* working.
But they don't see it 😡

Suicide, MH, services 

This is terrible news. I hope she makes a speedy recovery.

Suicide, MH, services 

My best wishes to you and your family.

Suicide, MH, services 

@coth I'm really sorry to hear that! I hope she'll get the help she needs.

Suicide, MH, services 

@coth Fingers crossed she will be OK.

Suicide, MH, services 

@coth I wish we could help.
We took our grandson at 16, refugee from an abusive stepfather. It was difficult, but we turned him around.
But as far as I can tell, your home is a supportive environment.

Suicide, MH, services 

Ah, well some of the frustration is that *we* may not be doing the right thing for her. Encouraging her to do stuff, giving her the freedom to not do stuff, space vs support etc...

We are quite happy to change anything we do, to do the best by her. But she cannot communicate what she needs and CAMHS et al refuse to engage with us at all. Even when it's "Just say what you need from us."

Thanks for a hopeful example.
We will see what the coming days bring.

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