Oooh. This is nicely made.

Worth the extra few pounds (not a lot £35 all in), and from someone that mostly sells Jujitsu grappling dummies, well they know how to take some usage 🀣

Our wife will be hating us, but not the equipment πŸ˜†

She needs some specific strength training now the physio & scans show what we need to target to help repair her back/core.

She has a weak wrist from a prior injury, so loading her squats with a soft weight across her shoulders be easier when targeting her legs.


Yes, we should fix her wrist weakness.

But it's the back pain and day to day stuff we need to target first, and there is only so much load you can put on anyone.

So fix the biggest problems first.

Weak glutes and core.

So we envisage a bit of Bosu work and squats/lunges.

All things that can happen in the living room, with the distractions if needed πŸ˜†

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