*holds up sign* Don't say 'accessible' when you mean 'step-free'!

Mostly just stop calling things accessible like it's a binary thing, like there's one thing that makes something either accessible or not. Definitely stop calling things "fully accessible" as that's a literally meaningless phrase. Oh, no, I take it back: what that means is "you can't trust anything this person/entity is saying about access beause they know so little they think something can be "fully accessible."


Oh, so so true.
Walking up to the DR surgery entrance earlier where they have a ramp.
But they had at least ten separate A4 posters explaining procedures/precautions. Total information overload.

Or the school we worked in that was designed around physically accessible issues, so hoists and wheelchair friendly toilets.
But had no child there that needed it. Because it served primarily ASD/ADHD students that needed access in a very different way.
That narrow view is so bad. 🤦‍♀️

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