Sea urchins like to pick up shells and rocks and wear them as "hats"; the reason isn't well-understood, but it may protect them from predators or help weigh them down so they're less likely to be washed away during storms. So some aquarists have taken to making tiny hats for their sea urchins, which the urchins voluntarily pick up and put on:

Now we have an ulcer on the inside of our top lip.
But as a result we also have an installed extraction system in the en-suite bathroom that vents under the eaves and is light switch triggered.

It's one of those absolute pigs of a job. Tight crawl spaces, working in the dark/light as we bring power up and down on different circuits. Figuring out the legacy wiring, and bringing it up to modern standards where it's not.

Head torch died.
But given we were folded into a bizarre shape and had everything lodged/wedged in reach, we shoved a torch in our mouth and carried on.
Hence the ulcer/blister πŸ˜†

However, we can now not be opening the window in cold weather to let the steam out. So a minimal electric cost for the fan should easily be outweighed by reduced heating costs πŸ‘

Satisfied now.

An early morning stroll to the opticians last week. 😊
And on the way back I saw a kingfisher 😊

Judith Butler article, xenophobia 

So, there's a new article by Judith Butler in the Guardian ostensibly defending gender, however I am very concerned that it feels like this article is using xenophobia to try to convince "gender critical" feminists to not be, well terfs.

The article feels in general, moderate in tone, but what concerns me most is excessive mention of events in countries seen as "backwards", the exclusion of the US and UK, and that it's addressed to terfs

I have the impression the autumn colours are not as nice this year as last year, but the views along the Kelvin yesterday are still nice.

Oh, and we didn't quite have the biggest flag.
The transgender and non-binary flags we being carried horizontally by two large groups πŸ˜€

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Took the flags out for a walk down Union Street Aberdeen for the winter parade as part of Grampian Pride.
Bit lower key than it may have otherwise been, but cool weather and covid have put a dampener on many things πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
Still plenty of people and noise though πŸ˜€

Our girls were supposed to be coming along, but we were unable to get them up as they had been up until the wee hours last night. 😴😴

(Must acquire a pansexual flag before the next outing.)

My background for my phone because all trans women are wonder women πŸ˜˜πŸ’―πŸ™‚

Shortened the pole.

The whip end was bending too much with the drag of three flags in the wind.
So taken out some of the narrow sections.

Still plenty tall enough to get over peoples heads when we hold the bottom (unlike here) πŸ‘

Youngest is a bit self-conscious and worried about being centre of attention. So we have sought her approval for the flag.

Question is, do we wear our kilt? Might have to see how she feels when she is done shopping with her sister.

For us, it's a no-brainer. We are going to look so tame it's nuts, compared to many that will be there.

But she has not been on any march, let alone a pride one, so she hasn't really registered that, and will not until she experiences it.

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We have room for a pansexual flag, but neither ourselves or our eldest own one, so it's *mostly* representing our household πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Our youngest did describe raising the flag in the garden as her "second coming out" as it's a little unsubtle and hard for the neighborhood not to notice πŸ˜†

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Quick flag check for tomorrow.

Driving down Union Street yesterday, and there are advertising signs strung between the buildings quite high up.
But equally, our flag pole from camping is also quite tall.

We *think* from this we will not foul them, but may have to do a bit of a dip if needed πŸ˜† (It's an Aldi cheap fishing pole, that collapses nicely)

And so it begins.

Coming home over the hill you could see the temperature guage falling as we dropped into the howe last night.
It kept going.

Bright, so warmed fast as the sun rose. πŸ˜€

The black rook calling out while stood on the glittering frost covered lawn opposite, while we made coffee earlier, looked beautifully contrasted πŸ’š

New growth.

This dead tree has had two different fungi on it in the last 3 years.

This year a third appeared half way up it. Was glistening beautifully in the sunlight as we passed by. πŸ’š πŸ„

Dear Internet, I'm helping an old man who's almost blind. His computer is really important to him, but he's losing what's left of his sight rapidly. He uses Windows on a normal PC. Can anyone recommend tools/settings/software I can help him try? #a11y #toot

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